On being opinionated while remaining open-minded.

I’m one of those people who always has an opinion. Not so good. Wouldn’t it be better to resist forming an opinion? Keeps you open minded, right? 

Here’s an example — I read the Chris Buckley piece in today’s ‘New York Times Magazine’, which is fascinating:


After I read it, my first thoughts were rather harsh. (Mine usually are.) That’s bad, because I understand the need for all of us to remain non-judgmental. Seriously, if we could all do that, we’d transform the world. Still, I couldn’t help but pity and envy the writer all at once. His parents were so ego-centric, and yet he grew up amid such glamour.  Recurring thought — if you have enough money, is it perfectly OK to be crazy? And didn’t they both seem kind of nuts?

William F. Buckley could write, oh yes. And if you have ever seen him at work on ‘Firing Line’, he was undeniably a silver tongued devil, as they say. I met Pat Buckley once. It was at a party (I was very young) and she was the cynosure of all eyes (have been dying to use that expression for quite some time, so now it’s out of my system) but you had the feeling that she was kind of ‘tightly wrapped’, you know? The organizers of this event were thrilled that she’d accepted their invitation. When she showed up, everyone treated her like she was a movie star. I just remember she was rather loud, had on a lot of makeup and appeared to be inebriated when she arrived. 

Well, I was a kid, so what did I know? Look, they were his parents and he loved them. I happen to be crazy about my folks. But I can’t help going down this path, especially since I saw the new HBO version of “Grey Gardens” the other night, and I kept coming up with the same thought, to wit:

Have you ever met someone who was downright certifiable but who also had enough dough to get away with it?

Now I’ll go back to trying to be non-judgmental. Right.


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